It looks kind of androgynous :G
Photoshop CS5

My first attempt ever at 3D modeling. Some kind of elve?
No clue how to do hair :<
Made in Sculptris.

#3d  #sculptris  #fantasy  #elve  

Some sketches from my moleskine I did while waiting at the mall.

Chibi. Ojisan version.

#chibi  #cute  #anime  #funny  

Testing out some brushes. I think that explain the missing arm and overall sloppiness. Photoshop CS5

Process shots of something I stopped drawing.

Sorry guys >n<…long time no update
I’m going to start updating again
Did this in January
Ryu from Street Fighter -less testosterone version xD-

Environment concept. Inspired by Thomas Scholes

Photoshop CS5 :>

Long time didn’t upload something -////-
Photoshop CS5 as usual